Do You Really Need To Go To College?

More and more people are starting to wonder whether college is the right choice for them in today’s day and age where internet and information is available at much cheaper costs and in some cases even free.

It’s not as easy as saying yes or no because in some cases you do need to go to college and in some cases it can be a waste of money and time.

Benefits of college

When you receive a college degree, all it certifies is that you were disciplined enough to go through 4 years of academic rigor. How rigorous and how demanding those degrees were depend on the school and the reputation it may have.

It is more like an insurance policy that shows employers that you can follow orders and do what is necessary if given the instructions and tools needed, but besides that a college degree won’t make you succesful by itself.

Why you should go to college

Those who are interested in going into particular fields of study that require training should go to college. Majors and professions that fall in this category are engineering, actuary, etc.

College is also a great way to discover more about youreslf if you don’t know what you want to do. It is moreso an opportunity to connect with people and learn how to think critically if you are open to it.

However, the stuff that is being taught in textbooks can all be found online, so in actuality you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks and just learn them by yourself, so you’re not really paying for the education, but rather the experience of college and networking opportunities it provides.

Is college the end all be all

College is not the end all be all. If you know what you want to do and have a rough idea of where it is you are going in life, then consider whether taking 4 years to get a degree that may or may not help in leveraging yourself to achieveing your goals.

Why should not go to college

If you are going to college because that’s what everyone else is doing or because people told you so, then those are not good reasons. College requires 4 years, which you could spend on doing something else such as working an entry level job in a particular field you are interested in.

You don’t necessarily have to go into debt and pay student loans for 20 or so years and actually start making money righ away.

If you have the will and determination, employers can look beyond than just credentials and certificates. Marketing, coding, and entrepreneurship are those fields that don’t necessarily require any degree becuase they can be self taught and what is more important are the results that you bring to the table.

Final Decision

Depending on your future goals and what fields you want to go into, this is up to you. College only ensures you a certificate that proves to employers that you can follow orders and get things done if necessary. However, you will incur debt and financial obligations, whereas you have more freedom with not going to college. So choose wisely.